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ASU Office of Entrepreneurship + Innovation

ASU’s Office of Entrepreneurship + Innovation connects all entrepreneurs and innovators across the Arizona State University (ASU) ecosystem. Here entrepreneurship is not confined to a single college or school, nor is it housed in one center or institute. Valuing entrepreneurship means that it is more than just a class or a program; it is a mindset that is woven into the fabric of the university, permeating every activity. At ASU, we inspire action. We harness knowledge for innovation and create purposeful ventures so that our community of entrepreneurs learns to thrive.

For more information about ASU’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, please visit http://entrepreneurship.asu.edu.

Program and Initiative Highlights

Edson Student Entrepreneur Initiative

Edson is a highly responsive, individualized and student-centered entrepreneurship incubator and accelerator that has supported 260 student ventures and over 1,000 students in the past 10 years.

Furnace Technology Transfer Accelerator

Furnace is an innovative startup accelerator designed to form, incubate and launch new companies based on licensed technology and intellectual property from participating research institutions.

ASU Startup Accelerator

ASU Startup School is a comprehensive and proven framework for developing ventures. It consists of a series of facilitated workshops in which entrepreneurs learn how to develop a successful venture. Offered online and in person, ASU Startup School is available to anyone, anywhere.

Co-Start Community

Co-Start Community is a collaborative network of libraries, museums and community partners around the country that advances and promotes local innovation and entrepreneurship through knowledge sharing.

Innovation Challenge

Innovation Challenge is a series of competitions that are defined and led by our colleges and schools that engage students by providing entrepreneurial experiences to all ASU students.

ASU Mentor Network

The ASU Mentor Network is a mentoring program supporting student, faculty, and community-led startups that are participants in an ASU accelerator program.

Teaching Innovation Fellows

The Teaching Innovation Fellows Program at Arizona State University supports high school educators in embedding innovation and applied community-based projects into their curriculum.


ASU is the first university in the world to partner with TechShop, a maker space that provides the public with tools, equipment, training and a vibrant, supportive community of creative people. Any full-time student at ASU has complimentary access to TechShop.

Startup Village

Startup Village is a neighborhood of houses on ASU’s Polytechnic campus where entrepreneurial students eat, sleep and breathe entrepreneurship.